2020-08-07 admin Site News 0

Hey all,

There was some recent downtime on the site’s video service. The downtime was caused by an API call from our end to their end. Apparently during our re-configuration we setup IPV6, but their service was using IPV4 and so our API call was erroneously thinking it wasn’t the same user watching the video. This has been fixed.

Thank you all!
DE Admins

2020-07-21 admin Site News 0

I’m currently pushing the limits of my internet connection and hardware to bring you guys constant updates to the site. Just yesterday I posted over 20 series. There are momentary pauses in the download process when my connection slows down or whatever I downloaded didn’t download properly. Expect a lot more content to come soon. Let your friends know, let’s make DE great again.


DE Admins

2020-07-14 admin Site News 0

Hey All,

I’ve just released a new design for the site. Feel free to critique it on the forum. Currently it’s not mobile friendly, I’ll be working on that. If you must use your mobile phone, set it to “Desktop View” to extend the default size all the way across the screen, it’ll make it easier on you. Videos DO play on mobile devices except for older iOS devices.

Thanks for being here,

The DE Admins

2020-07-06 admin Site News 0

Hey all,

After a 5 year hiatus, dubbedepisodes is now back. It’ll be a little while before all of the content is back up and running so please be patient with me as I fix things that the previous owner never had opportunities to fix or just never cared to do so. Sign-up, I’ll be getting forums and the social networking part of the site together while I wait on content to encode on my woefully inadequate machine. If you’re interested in donating to help speed the process up, please send me an e-mail to [email protected] all donations will go towards improving the site!