List of Forest of Piano 2nd Season Episodes

Forest of Piano 2nd Season [Dubbed]
Status: Finished
  • Alternative Name:
    Piano no Mori 2nd Season, Piano Forest, The Perfect World of Kai
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  • With the start of the Chopin piano competition, Kai Ichinose, Shuuhei Amamiya, and many other hopeful musicians from around the world strive to reach the top. The stakes have never been higher, and the judges are rigorous when it comes to selecting the winner out of the plethora of talented pianists. This competition is so harsh that even famous prodigies can be easily eliminated.

    Some play for the money, some play to fulfill their duty to their families, and yet others play for their music to be heard. However, the only one who can reach the top is the one who embodies the spirit of the music Frédéric Chopin crafted for future generations. With the stakes higher than ever before, rivalries, friendships, and family ties will be tested, and each pianist will find their own sound.

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